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Morfogennesis is a non profit organization established in Thessaloniki-Greece in 2012. The aims of the organization are to train adults and children to establish a new attitude concerning the approach to the recent problems of solidarity, co-existence and also environmental problems.  Morfogennesis is a cultural organization which engages in activities and initiatives both in Greece and abroad having to do with research projects and actions of all kinds in the field of culture, such as bringing heritage to light, social welfare for the youth, the elderly, people with disabilities, women, children of preschool age etc as well as environmental sensitization, regarding conservation and environmental protection.

2)Our core areas:

  • Recycling everything into art
  • Gaining vocational skills
  • Cultural values and cultural diversity
  • Volunteerism to increase social and cultural activities
  • Preschool and Peer Educational Projects
  • Laboratories for all ages
  • New technologies and European communication

To fulfill its aims the organization organizes meetings, seminars, workshops for unprivileged individuals especially women to give them a chance to regain self-confidence and so they can become equal members of the society.

In this way we try to train them to defuse tension, break down sectarian and racist prejudice and raise awareness of equality issues. We train them to be able to communicate with individuals from other countries, nations and cultures.

 Morphogenesis also organizes and undertakes together with local and national authorities (town councils, schools, private sector organizations) cultural, environmental and educational projects.